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Huawei Honor 7 ROM

rom Huawei Honor 7

ROM Version: Android 6.0


This Rom is New update for EMUI and Google Security Patch on Huawei Honor 7.
Optimize the battery and CPU usage.
New features.
I placed all Links from Huawei Official Cloud on Needrom with Different Build versions.
Choose your Build and Download Your Package.

EMUI4.0.1 PLK-UL00 7.4.1

EMUI4.0.1 PLK-TL01H 7.4.1

EMUI4.0.1 PLK-AL10 7.4.1

EMUI4.0.1 PLK-CL00 7.4.1

EMUI4.0.1 PLK-TL00 7.4.1

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