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Miui PL v5 3.11.22 U8833 Y300

rom Miui PL v5 3.11.22 U8833 Y300

ROM Version: 3.11.22 / 4.1.1


In my opinion best rom for Y300, everything is working (3G, camera, ending calls etc.)

Quote from
"We have found a nice MIUI Version 5 based custom ROM for Ascend Y300. This firmware is based on Android 4.1.1 but considering the amount of customization’s on MIUI, underlying Android version doesn’t really matter. This custom ROM is built by user “masterpascaler” on modaco forums. This custom ROM is mostly bug free and fast according to the developer and the users already tested this firmware. Some users reported that this is the best custom ROM they have tried for the Ascend Y300 right now."

1. Deleted chineese APKs
2. European baseband – works 2G/3G, including HSPA+
3. Fixed bug with end of call
4. Mod sms
5. Basic Google apps (including Google Play)
6. Keyboard Xperia Honami
7. GPS.conf
8. Hosts block of adveristements
9. WSM Tools / Mi-Tools
10. Weather BZ
11. FoxFi – tethering Wi-Fi/USB/BT with session data counting
12. AC!D Sound Manager
13. Youtube
14. Gallery 3D
15. Antivirus, firewall
16. MiMarket
17. Lot of themes online

Languages : Chineese, English, Polish
1. Installation by Recovery
2. Download .zip
3. Enter Recovery
4. Full WIPE !!!
5. Install
6. Wipe Dalvik/Android secure
7. Reboot

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