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Huawei Ascend G700-U20 ROM

Huawei Ascend G700-U20 ROM

ROM Version: MIUI8 (Android 4.4.2)


This ROM is for Huawei G700-U20 and has not been tested on other devices. It allows to correct faults of the original and very old stock firmware from Huawei android 4.2, and update it to android 4.4.2 (MIUI8 6.8.11).
I include two files:
- "TWRP_2.5.0.0_U20.rar" is to unzip TRWP in external sdcard/dload installation directory on the Huawei G700-U20, and install it from the phone itself using Huawei's "firmware update" option.
- "" is to copy to the root directory of external sdcard and install it from the TWRP menu (for this it is necessary to switch the phone off and start it with VOL_UP + POWER)
Note: Once MIUI8 6.8.11 is installed you must clear the cache and dalwik_cache from TWRP, you do not need to delete anything else.
Advantages of this ROM:
- Includes Google Play Store
- Faster than ROM stock, all four processor cores work
- Best Camera
- More application control settings
- The internal SD is used as internal memory
- Any
This is all!

miuisu v4.4.2 hwg700-u20 6.8.11



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