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Rom Stock Huawei Y330-U01

Rom Stock Huawei Y330-U01

ROM Version: 4.2.2


1. Start Flash_tool.exe.
2. Load scatter file located in the Rework-Secro folder.
3. Click Download.
4. Connect phone and enjoy the pretty colors. When the process is finished, A green circle pops up to let you know that everything is ok and you are on the right track.
5. Disconnect phone from computer.
6. Load scatter file from the USB_Upgrade folder
7. Click Download and watch as Flash_tool loads the files.
8. When the progress bar is at 0%, connect the phone. (Remember what you did to get it detected earlier)
9. SP_ Flash_Tool will start flashing your phone and after a couple of minutes the "Download OK" popup will be displayed.
10. Disconnect and reboot your new phone. It will take a while before it completes this first boot, so be patient.
If you made backups with MTKdroid you can flash these with SP_Flash_Tool.
1. Select write memory from the window tab.
2. Click write memory.
3. Change Memory setting to EMMC.
4. Browse for the file you want to flash (EBR1, EBR2, Nand and Cust). 
IMPORTANT —>[DO NOT flash the Secro.img, If you do the phone will refuse to boot and you will be back at  square one.  I would not bother with the system, boot or recovery files, simply because the phone is now working and we are only trying to customize it.]<—- IMPORTANT.
5. Open the scatter file with Notepad++ or similar and copy the linear_start address for the file (partition) you want to flash, paste into  the SP_Flash_Tool "Begin Address (Hex):" box.
6. Back in Notepad++, copy the partition_size hex value and paste into the "SP_Flash_Tool" Container Length (Hex): box.
7. Double check that you have selected the correct file, verify the start address and partition size.
8. If you are certain that everything is correct click write memory to begin flashing. When it is finished unplug phone and reboot.

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